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Many advantages of environmentally friendly desulfurization equipment have been recognized by users.

First of all, we must first understand what subsystems of the desulfurization system in the environmental desulfurization equipment : the desulfurization system in the desulfurization equipment mainly includes five primary subsystems. Each desulfurization system plays an important role in the desulfurization system.

The sub-system in the desulfurization system is the flue gas system, and the second is the important desulfurization tower system. The third is the limestone storage system and the preparation of the pulping system. The fourth is the desulfurization product dehydration system, which is the process water system in the future. It is the electrical system in the desulfurization system.

Briefly describe the six major subsystems in the desulfurization system

1, the flue gas system

The flue gas system refers to all structures and equipment from the interface of the inlet of the absorption tower to the interface of the flue and chimney of the absorption tower outlet: the flue gas system mainly includes: the imported flue, the imported flue baffle door, Export flue, exit flue baffle door, flue expansion joint, etc.

2, desulfurization tower system

The desulfurization tower is the central equipment of the desulfurization system, and the desulfurization tower adopts a spray + sprayer composite desulfurization tower. Its primary equipment includes: tower body, three-layer spray spray, sprayer, folding demister, circulation pump and oxidation fan.

The flue gas of about 140 °C from the dust collector enters the desulfurization tower through the flue, and passes through the three-layer atomized spray absorption zone in the middle of the desulfurization tower, and forms a desulfurizing agent of droplets of 0.01 mm-1 mm with the atomization zone. Bump, absorb, dissolve and absorb SO2 in the flue gas.

3. Limestone powder storage and preparation of pulping system

Limestone powder storage and preparation of the pulping system refers to the entire system in which the desulfurization system is stored with a desulfurizing agent, prepared by slurry, and transported at night.

4. Desulfurization product dehydration system

The limestone-gypsum wet desulfurization process desulfurization product is CaSO2·2H2O, commonly known as gypsum. Gypsum can be used as a material for cement attack and has a certain economic value. In the process, the desulfurization slurry in the desulfurization tower reaches a certain concentration, and is then subjected to dehydration treatment by the extraction and delivery filter press, and the desulfurization slag of the dehydration is treated by external transportation, and the filtrate enters the sewage pipe network of the plant.

Following the absorption reaction in the desulfurization tower, the density of the slurry in the desulfurization tower is continuously increased, when the slurry density in the desulfurization tower reaches 1130 kg/m3. The extraction pump and the filter press are initiated for dehydration treatment, and then the desulfurization tower density is lowered to improve the desulfurization absorption power. When the density of the desulfurization tower slurry drops to about 1100 kg/m3, the corpse pump is pumped out and the desulfurization water system is stopped.

5, process water system

The desulfurization water system includes a process water tank, a process water pump, and the like.

The water process system is mainly used in all aspects of the whole system, including: demister scouring, limestone slurry, desulfurization tower hydration, equipment seal cold and water shortage, pipeline in the system, tank scouring and so on.

There is no liquid level gauge in the process water tank, and the electric water valve of the process water tank is provided with an electric valve, which is interlocked with the water tank liquid level gauge, and the water level in the water tank can be compensated at any time.

Process tank level control scale: 0.1m-2.8m. When the liquid level of the process water tank is too low, the water tank of the process water tank will automatically open, and when the water level is too low, the electric valve of the process water tank will be automatically closed.

6, electrical system

Briefing on the electrical system and let's take a quick look:

The working scale and technical specifications of the desulfurization tower electrical system. Electrical systems include: power distribution systems, electrical control and protection, lightning protection grounding systems, cable and cable structures, electrical equipment settlement, and electrical lighting.

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