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Different types of air cooler applications

1. Are there different scales of different types of air coolers?
Air coolers, which are classified according to the structure, device method, cooling and ventilation methods, etc., are of different varieties, and these different varieties have different applicable scales, so below, the air cooler manufacturer Wuxi Jialong comes to abbreviate Explain.
From the perspective of the device method, the air cooler can be divided into two types: horizontal type and inclined top type. The horizontal type is used for cooling operation, and the inclined top type is suitable for condensing cooling.
From the point of view of the cooling method, the air cooler can be divided into two types: dry type and wet type. According to the ventilation method, the air cooler can be divided into two types: forced ventilation and induced ventilation. The forced air type air cooler uses an axial fan to supply air to the control, and the induced air type air cooler is installed in the upper part of the control, and the air moves from top to bottom.
2. Air cooler, can it be used as a condenser? Is it capable of cooling under all conditions?
The air cooler, the full name of which is an air cooler, uses air as a coolant, so it can be used as a condenser. The cooling application status, according to the air cooler manufacturer Wuxi Jialong introduced, not all conditions can be carried out, because it also has a cooling temperature scale.
3. Why should the air compressor air cooler be regularly descaled?
This is because the air compressor air cooler is generally cooled by industrial circulating water, so after it is used for a period of time, scale will occur inside it. At this time, if the scale is not removed in time, then the pipeline will appear. Blockage and air compressor exhaust temperatures have exceeded this phenomenon. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the descaling operation of the air cooler, and the old one ensures the normal operation and operation of the air cooler.

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