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Common sense of buying general environmentally friendly washing equipment

The common sense of washing the washing machine in the washing room, the environmentally friendly washing equipment is more suitable for the washing room. Here, the dry cleaning equipment is used for one or two:

(1) The viewpoint of the dry cleaning machine: The dry cleaning machine is a washing machine that uses dry cleaning solvent to carry out scrubbing, solution filtration, deliquoring, baking, and pollution washing, and ends the reincarnation course. According to the appearance of the scrubber, the ten washing machine is mainly divided into the tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine and the kerosene ten washing machine. In this case, the tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine complies with the cooling method when drying the ten heating. Water-cooled (ie, open-type dry-cleaning machine) and cold-selling (ie, sealed "dry-cleaning machine"); according to the heating method selected for drying and solvent A-sheng, whether it is electric heating or steam heating According to the important use of scrubbing, it is divided into fabric ten washing machine and leather fabric dual-purpose dry cleaning machine; according to the order of continuity of the dry cleaning process, it is divided into semi-automatic dry cleaning machine and Qi F1 mobile T washing machine.

(2) Viewpoint of steam clipper: The steam clipper is based on the ironing principle, and the machine is counted as various types of ironing film tires with specific surface, which are held by two high splints. machine. According to the use of no, it is divided into a suede steam pocket ironing machine (also known as a universal dry cleaning folder) and a light steam folder (also known as a water washing machine). 1 suede steam folder hot machine consists of bottom mold, upper mold, mold tire steam control system, upper mold clamping release button system, pumping system and machine base and other components: the essentials of the winding essentials have wild control essentials And the cylinder promotes the handling of the essentials. There are two main methods for the venting system. One is a self-contained pumping machine, and the other is equipped with a pumping and drying. There are two ways to heat the steam engine, one is built-in electric heating and the other is external steam. The upper and high hot stampings of the suede steam folder hot machine are covered with a layer of suede gram hot pad, which is suitable for all kinds of fabric clips. It is suitable for all kinds of suede fabrics after dry cleaning. 2 light and the hot machine is similar to the velvet and the hot machine. The big difference between the upper and the upper is that the upper die is made of embroidered steel hollow light and the pressure plate is high. When it comes to hot dressing, the high-temperature surface is indirectly touched by the object itself. The object to be burned must contain 15% of your water, and it can be burned with this machine.

(3) The view that R is often used for scrubbing equipment R: The F1 regular cover of the rare scrubbing equipment is an important part of the scrubbing short. Although the types of scrubbing equipment are the same, they obey each other, but the basic cover is similar. In order to protect the equipment: 1 establish a equipment card for each equipment. 2 equipment card should include pregnancy: purchase A period, equipment period, equipment type I;, serial number and wire to understand digital and other content. Kab should indicate that the equipment is adjusted and repaired for the period n for inspection. The card should show the record of each repair: 3 according to the declaration of the application, the cover maintenance plan is established, and the maintenance is carried out according to the plan. 4 The manual and spare parts list for each equipment must be carefully filled out and related to each other.

The time to buy environmentally-friendly washing equipment should be suitable for my own situation, and it can be applied to a large extent.