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Air cooler manufacturers take you to understand the air cooler

The air cooler is a device that uses ambient air as a cooling medium to traverse the finned tube to cool or condense the high-temperature process fluid in the pipe, referred to as "air cooler", also called "air-cooled heat exchanger". It is commonly used to replace the water-cooled shell-tubular heat exchanger cooling medium. With the increasing use of induction heating equipment, the user's own conditions are different, some water cooling systems for equipment can not be valued, and many users do not use distilled water according to the rules, but use general well water or tap water, water quality in practice. It also has a great impact on the water cooling system and components of the equipment.

basic introduction

Air coolers can be divided into the following different methods due to their different structures, equipment methods, cooling and ventilation methods.

a. According to the control arrangement and equipment method, it is divided into horizontal and inclined top. The former applies to cooling and the latter applies to various condensing cooling.

b. According to different cooling methods, it is divided into dry and wet. The former is cooled by the fan and the latter is supplied by the fan; the latter is enhanced by the spraying or atomization of water. The latter has higher cooling efficiency than the former, but it is not used much because it affects the corrosion caused by the control.

c. According to different ventilation methods, it is divided into forced ventilation (ie, air supply) and induced ventilation. The former fan is installed in the lower part of the control, and the axial fan is used to supply air to the control; the latter fan device is in the upper part of the control, and the air moves from top to bottom. The latter consumes more electricity than the former, and the cost is high, and the application is not as extensive as the former.

It is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other supporting applications. It has the advantages of large air volume, high efficiency, small oscillation, low noise, and convenient operation and maintenance. The fan has different types of high-efficiency, energy-saving, low-noise, anti-corrosion type, and the fan air volume scheduling method can be divided into three types: self-adjusting, semi-self-adjusting and hand-adjusting; the cooling method can be divided into blasting type and induced air type.

Use introduction

The air cooler is mainly used for cooling processing and freezing storage of meat, poultry, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, egg milk and cold drink products in the food industry, cooling and refrigerating of various alcohols and various beverages such as beer and liquor, and also satisfying Cooling needs of process cooling processing materials and sites in the chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery, electronics, and hydropower industries.

The above is the cooler manufacturer for you to introduce in detail