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Water storage equipment - variable frequency pressurized water tank (outdoor type)

The variable frequency pressurized water tank integrates the water tank with the equipment of the water storage equipment , and can be placed indoors and outdoors. There is no need for a dedicated pump room, and then save money.

This product combines the water tank frequency conversion water supply equipment and the non-negative pressure pipe network superimposed frequency conversion water supply equipment wonderfully, which completes the high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, reliable operation, water continuous peak water, power failure can maintain the tap water pressure. The strengths of water supply and other places have raised the skill level of secondary water supply equipment to a new height, marking the advent of the second revolutionary period of water supply equipment, with great social and economic benefits.

It has two forms of water supply with variable frequency water supply equipment and no negative pressure water supply equipment. It can be switched according to the inlet water pressure and flow rate. This operation method not only prevents the negative pressure of the municipal pipe network, but also ensures the continuity of water supply. The utility is not possible with general-purpose non-negative pressure water supply equipment. The system equipment is connected in series to the local pressure of the municipal water pipe network. The equipment detects the inlet pressure through the pressure sensor. When the pressure of the water pipe network is normal, the water supply is operated without negative pressure water supply. When the tap water pressure cannot meet the requirements, the water supply equipment takes the initiative. Switch to water supply in the form of variable frequency water supply equipment. The device also sets the water storage punctuality function of the water tank, which can circulate the water in the water tank during the set time to prevent the formation of stagnant water.

This product summarizes and optimizes the planning and manufacturing experience and skills of the domestic and international variable frequency water supply control system, and combines the actual situation of China's high-rise water supply, fully considers the harmonious cooperation of machine, electricity and instrument in the planning, the water supply equipment is digitally controlled and fully active. The new fault maintenance function, long-distance monitoring function, and active alarm function make the equipment's operation stability and control reliability reach a high level.

The equipment has significant energy-saving effect, simple and convenient property management, low-cost investment, low operating cost, and other advantages. The negative pressure-free intelligent variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment utilizes the original pressure of the municipal water pipe network, and does not affect the municipal pipe network. Negative pressure occurs, replacing the old pool with a stainless steel water tank or a non-negative pressure tank, reducing secondary pollution of water. It is a new generation of energy-saving products for water supply.

Intelligent non-negative pressure pressurized water tank water supply equipment principle: When the water supply equipment sensor is used to explore the normal supply pressure of the municipal pipe network, that is, when the water volume of the municipal pipe network is balanced with the water consumption of the user, the equipment actively opens the bypass valve and directly takes water from the municipal pipe network. After the pump is pressurized twice, it is sent to the user pipe network. When the water pressure in the municipal pipe network drops, the water consumption of the user is greater than the water volume of the municipal pipe network or the negative pressure of the municipal pipe network, the water supply equipment actively switches to the stainless steel water tank to compensate the water supply to meet the large water consumption of the users during the peak period. Other re-municipal pipe networks are equipped with no negative pressure press valves to ensure that no negative pressure will occur during the operation of the water supply equipment.

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