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Power iron accessories show you the characteristics and advantages of tempered glass insulators

Tempered glass insulator features and advantages:

The practical application can fully demonstrate the superior functional advantages. The tempered glass insulator has the characteristics of zero value self-breaking and easy detection. Marking the superior function and effect, the tempered glass insulator has the characteristics of zero value self-breaking. It only needs to be observed on the ground or on a helicopter. It does not need to be tested on a piece-by-piece basis, which reduces the labor intensity of workers. Insulators are introduced into the production line. The annual self-breaking rate is 0.020.04, which can save the maintenance cost of the line. It has good function of arc resistance and oscillation resistance. The power industry has fully exerted important effects and value.

There is also a tempered internal stress protection layer. The new appearance of the glass insulator subjected to lightning burns during operation is still a smooth glass body. Therefore, the satisfied insulation and mechanical strength are still adhered to. On the 500kv line, there were many occurrences of shaking caused by the wire skating, and the glass insulator after the wire was shaken was inspected, and the electromechanical function was not attenuated. Types of tempered glass insulators: Standard type of pollution-resistant DC-type spherical aerodynamic ground-type electrified railway contact nets. Different types of types show important effects and values ​​in practical applications.

Tempered glass insulators are self-cleaning and not easy to age:

The glass insulators operating in the south line are washed clean after rain. The galvanic function of the glass insulator on the typical area line is determined by the electromechanical function after the operation. According to the power department, it is widely reflected that the glass insulator is not easy to be soiled and easy to clean. From the thousands of data collected, the electromechanical function of the glass insulator after 35 years of operation was not accompanied by the aging phenomenon.

The string voltage is evenly distributed and the main capacity is large. The glass dielectric constant of 7-8 makes the tempered glass insulator have a larger main capacitance and a uniform distribution of voltages, which is beneficial to reduce the voltage received by the adjacent side of the conductor side and the ground side, and then reach to reduce radio annoyance and reduce corona loss. This is demonstrated by the practice of the purpose of extending the life of the glass insulator.

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