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  • Cooling tower dedicated reducer

    Cooling tower dedicated reducer

    It adopts polyester fiber reinforced neoprene power belt transmission, which is resistant to high temperature and high efficiency. It

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  • Cooling tower dedicated fan

    Cooling tower dedicated fan

    The cooling tower fan is located at the top of the cooling tower and is connected directly to the motor or indirectly via a gearbox o

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  • Cooling tower dedicated motor

    Cooling tower dedicated motor

    Based on the Y-series installation dimensions of the motor department of Tsinghua University, the low-noise energy-saving motor desig

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  • Square countercurrent packing

    Square countercurrent packing

    Features: 1. S wave filler has large hydrophilic area, good cooling effect, good thermal and resistance performance, uniform water fi

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  • Square cross flow filler

    Square cross flow filler

    Cooling tower packing can be divided into: S wave packing, oblique staggered packing, stepped trapezoidal wave packing, differential

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  • Round filler

    Round filler

    Cooling tower packing plays an important role in cooling the cooling tower. The chemical name is prepared as a polyviny

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  • Water collector

    Water collector

    The multi-dimensional water collecting device is a multi-dimensional water collecting device for the matching water collecting compon

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  • Water distribution pipe

    Water distribution pipe

    It is equipped with stainless steel ball bearings, which is flexible and reliable in operation, low in water head and uniform in wate

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