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  • Fiberglass hood

    Fiberglass hood

    According to the meteorological data, the spherical hood shows that the summer quiet wind frequency is less than 20% in most parts of

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  • Diagonal flow fan

    Diagonal flow fan

    The oblique flow fan mainly consists of an impeller, a casing, an inlet current collector, an outlet deflector, and a motor. <

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  • Axial Fan

    Axial Fan

    The axial flow fan is mainly composed of 1-wheel hub; 2-blade; 3-axis; 4-shell; 5-collector; 6-streamline body; 7-rectifier; 8-diffus

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  • Roof fan

    Roof fan

    It adopts advanced CAD software and is designed with multi-objective optimization. DWT-I series machine number 12#-24#

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  • Centrifugal fan

    Centrifugal fan

    The centrifugal fan is based on the principle that kinetic energy is converted into potential energy. The high-speed rotating impelle

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