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Square countercurrent packing

Square countercurrent packing

Product Details

Features: 1. S wave filler has large hydrophilic area, good cooling effect, good thermal and resistance performance, uniform water film distribution, small ventilation resistance, strong carrying capacity and light unit area.
Specifications Model: Dimensions: 305-1220mm, 605*1220mm,
Sheet distance: 35mm
Sheet thickness: 0.35-0.4mm
Adapt to temperature: 65 ° C ~ -35 ° C
Good flame retardant performance, oxygen index ≥ 40
Scope of application: square counterflow cooling tower, hyperbolic cooling tower.
The filler sheet is bonded with a special adhesive, the bonding rate is not less than 95%, the compressive strength of the packing block is ≥3000N/m2, the shear strength after bonding for 24 hours is more than 3.3MPa, and the filling height is 125cm; Many types, also operate electric iron accessories , communication towers, filler manufacturers, etc., please see the US-Japan Weiye official website.