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Water collector

Water collector

Product Details

The multi-dimensional water collecting device is a multi-dimensional water collecting device for the matching water collecting component of the cooling device, and is mainly composed of a set of water retaining plates, and the water retaining plate is a five-folded sheet-like structure, and the two sides of the water retaining plate are mutually provided with each other. Corresponding inserting plate and groove, the double-sided water retaining plate is also provided with a rib, and when used, the cooling tower multi-dimensional water collector, the inserting plate of each water blocking plate into the corresponding groove is a group The water retaining device composed of the water retaining plate is placed in the cooling device, so that the hot air of the cooling device can be smoothly discharged, and the touch surface area of ​​the hot air and the water retaining plate can be added, and the water collecting effect is good. The water loss is small and can effectively reduce the drifting phenomenon.

The water trap is arranged in the cooling tower to collect the dripping droplets entrained in the tower gas stream.

The multi-dimensional water collector is widely used in the environmental protection purification towers such as spraying and defogging, and the water discharge obstructs the untreated clean exhaust gas to quickly flow out, thereby enhancing the purification treatment effect.

The multi-dimensional water trap is a device that reduces the large amount of fine water droplets drifting from the cooling tower and discharges the hot and humid air, prevents water mist pollution and icing on the surrounding environment, saves water and protects the environment.