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Water distribution pipe

Water distribution pipe

Product Details

It is equipped with stainless steel ball bearings, which is flexible and reliable in operation, low in water head and uniform in water distribution. It is made of aluminum alloy or glass steel, and the water collecting plate is installed on the pipe to overcome the floating phenomenon. Common cooling tower cloth heads have perforated pipes, nozzles, filter heads, and rotating cloth heads. For example, the water head in the sand filter is composed of the main pipe - branch pipe - cloth water hole, and the lower side of each branch pipe is evenly arranged with a small number of holes of equal diameter and the like, and the backwash water of the filter is from the main pipe to the dry pipe. The branch pipe is then flushed upwards from the hole of the branch pipe to evenly flush the filter sand. Rotating cloth heads are perforated tubes that can be rotated and are often used in water treatment. The company's main air cooler, FRP winding pipeline, storage water supply equipment, etc., see the US-Japan Weiye official website.