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Cooling tower dedicated fan

Cooling tower dedicated fan

Product Details

The cooling tower fan is located at the top of the cooling tower and is connected directly to the motor or indirectly via a gearbox or pulley.
The main function of the cooling tower fan is to extract the hot air that has been heat exchanged in the cooling tower from the top, and guide the low temperature air to enter from the bottom cooling tower inlet. It can be said that the cooling tower fan is the core of the entire cooling tower. With it working, it ensures that the low-temperature air and hot water exchange heat on the packing to ensure the air flows from bottom to top, ensuring the cooling effect of the cooling tower.

The small tower is made of aluminum alloy and the large tower is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic.
l. The impeller of the fan is subjected to static balance test before leaving the factory. The accuracy of the tested rigid rotor is taken as G6.3, and the reduction gear is manufactured with 8 levels of precision;
2. Using elastic pin coupling, the fan system amplitude is ≤150μm;
3. Standard point noise ≤ 80dB (A). The distance between the standard point and the outer edge of the tower is L=1.13 (A×B) (A and B are the length and width of the tower respectively), 1.5 m above the top of the pool;
4. Fan drive shaft material: carbon fiber;
5. Add a fan fly shaft limit device;
6. The continuous operation time of the fan is more than 8,000 hours.