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Square cross flow filler

Square cross flow filler

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Cooling tower packing can be divided into: S wave packing, oblique staggered packing, stepped trapezoidal wave packing, differential sine wave packing, oblique staggered cooling tower packing: oblique staggered packing has advanced technology, reasonable planning, reliable data and durability Through experiments and production operations, it indicates that the cooling effect is good, the ventilation resistance is small, the hydrophilic function is strong, and the touch area is large.
Honeycomb cooling tower packing: It has wide application range, high treatment effect and small floor space. The wet circumference is large, the hydraulic radius is small, the laminar flow is good, and the particle sedimentation is not disturbed by the turbulent flow. Oblique eclipse cooling tower packing: advanced planning, with small ventilation resistance, strong hydrophilicity, good flame retardant function, large joint area and so on. S wave cooling tower packing: The packing structure is novel, the hydrophilic area is large, and the cooling effect is good. It is mainly used for industrial counterflow cooling towers and power plant hyperbolic cement cooling towers.
Trapezoidal Cooling Tower Packing: The trapezoidal oblique wave packing has a trapezoidal oblique wave in the cross section, which improves the steam movement in the guessing and slows the splashing speed under the water film. It prolongs the heat exchange time and improves the heat dissipation function. Has a good generalization function. The channel area is large, the bonding is strong, and the overall assembly steel is good, which can be widely used in industrial cooling towers.

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