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Round filler

Round filler

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Cooling tower packing plays an important role in cooling the cooling tower. The chemical name is prepared as a polyvinyl chloride resin and mixed with other additives. Polyvinyl chloride plastics are chemically stable, have good tensile, bending and impact resistance, and have good heat resistance. Therefore, they are used in the packing of Jingjie cooling tower. Round filler, square cross flow filler, square countercurrent filler
1. Filler material: modified PVC material IC-A type film filler;
2. Filler flame retardant oxygen index ≥ 40;
3. The filler does not undergo geometric deformation when it is 65 °C, and it is not broken or cracked at -40 °C;
4. The filler sheet is bonded by special adhesive, the bonding rate is not less than 95%, the compressive strength of the packing block is ≥3000N/m2, the shear strength after bonding for 24 hours is more than 3.3MPa, and the filling height is 125cm;
5. The working life of the filler is 15 years under normal use conditions.