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People began to pay attention to environmentally friendly purification equipment.

Now people choose to work no longer just to see how much wages, more important is whether the working environment will affect the health of the body, everyone's requirements for the working environment is getting higher and higher. Some working environments produce soot, droplets, etc. If they are not treated, they will affect the health of the staff. This requires the installation of a dust collector to solve the problem. Now the name of the environment has become higher. This type of equipment is getting more and more attention. Let's talk about a few notes on the use of dust collectors.

First, professional dust collectors have certain requirements for working temperature. Because this is related to the manufacturing materials used, if there is a certain acid-alkaline gas, the dust collector air duct needs anti-corrosion measures. If the air humidity is high, the dust collector should be rust-proofed. If the temperature of the particles in the gas is high, it is necessary to install a pre-filtration system in front of the dust collector, which may be a water spray cooling or a fireproof filter device.

Second, the authoritative dust collector can also be installed outdoors, but pay attention to the influence of weather factors, such as wind direction, rainfall and other factors, there should be blocking measures. Do not face the direction of the personnel outlet. If you need to discharge to the sky, you need to install a chimney of more than ten meters.

3. When a good dust collector is installed indoors, it is necessary to select a suitable model according to the site. Because of its different size and weight, the supporting conditions are different. There will be some noise in the operation of the dust collector, and if necessary, a silencer will be installed. If there is explosive material in the room, a sprinkler system is required.

Fourth, good quality dust collectors also need to be inspected and maintained after a period of use. For example: interfaces, seals, solenoid valves, etc., if necessary, new parts.

Even if a high-level dust collector is installed in the workplace, it will not completely eliminate all the dust particles, and it can only reduce the dust content in the air to a certain extent. Through the treatment of the dust collector, the diffused particles can be collected to make the air more clean. If there is more dust in the working environment, the inspection and maintenance cycle of the dust collector should be shortened accordingly to ensure good dust removal. In addition to dust collectors, there are many places where environmentally friendly purification equipment can be used, and the prospects for such equipment are getting better and better.

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