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Learn about the classification of cool water towers by Liangshui Tower manufacturers

Cool water towers are structures used for cold water. They are commonly found in power plants, chemical plants, cement plants, and many other plants that require water temperature control. The height is determined according to the heat exchange amount calculation, and is a structure for saving water and recycling water. The working principle of the cooling tower: The wind blown in and the water sprinkled from the upper part constitutes convection, the heat source is drained, and a part of the water evaporates in the convection, taking away the corresponding latent heat of evaporation. Then drop the temperature of the water. Cool water tower manufacturers generally divide the cool water tower into three types:

Open cooling tower

The cooling principle of the open cooling tower is that by circulating the circulating water to the filler of the glass fiber, the water is brought into contact with the air to reach the heat exchange, and then the fan drives the airflow in the tower to be exchanged with the water. The hot air stream after the heat is taken out and then cooled. This kind of cooling method has less investment in the first phase, but the operating cost is higher (water consumption, power consumption).

Closed cooling tower

The cooling principle of a fluid cooler is, in a nutshell, two cycles: an inner cycle and an outer cycle. Without filler, the main center part is a copper tube cooler.
1 Internal circulation: docking with policy equipment to form a closed circulation system (the circulating medium is soft water). Cool the policy equipment and bring the heat from the policy equipment out to the cooling unit.
2 External circulation: In the cooling tower, the cooling tower itself is cooled. It does not touch the inner circulating water phase, but only passes through the copper tube cooler in the cooling tower for heat exchange and heat dissipation. Under this cooling method, after automatic control, the work of the motor is set according to the water temperature, two cycles, in the case of high ambient temperature in spring and summer, two cycles are required to work together. The ambient temperature is not high in autumn and winter, and in most cases only one internal circulation is required.

Packing cooling tower

The packed cooling tower distributes the circulating cooling water that needs cooling down to the packing evenly. The axial fan blown by the motor and installed at the top of the tower sucks the cold air from the surrounding environment into the tower, and the cold air and hot water are carried on the surface of the packing. Mass transfer heat transfer, the purpose of reaching the water temperature. The cooling tower has a small contact area between water and air, and the filler has large air resistance, high noise, relatively large energy consumption, high failure rate, large maintenance, high repair cost, short service life, high water quality requirement, and cooling. The role is not ambition.