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Is the radiation of the communication tower harmful to us?

Communication towers are generally divided into several types that are common to us: mobile communication base stations and PHS base stations. These base stations are generally set up in residential buildings or operating buildings, and their transmitter power is relatively small, generally 20 to 30 watts. The transmitting antennas are all directional antennas, and the electromagnetic waves are emitted slightly downwards in three directions. The main beam of the antenna beam is planned to be smaller, the vertical distribution is also narrower, and the electromagnetic wave is attenuated rapidly, and the attenuation is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Therefore, although the base station is close to the surrounding buildings, the electromagnetic radiation water of the environmental active point of the building around the base station uniformly meets the legal limit of 40 mW/cm2. The surrounding environment of the base station is generally divided into the following three types:

1. Regarding the building of the base station, many people think that the antenna is on the top of the building. Then the downstairs is definitely very severe. In fact, this kind of knowing is wrong. The antenna is launched horizontally downwards. The building itself has The shielding effect of electromagnetic waves, so the building foundation of the antenna is not affected, the monitoring value is generally not detected to 1.0mW/cm2, and the vast majority are not detected.

2, the area of ​​electromagnetic radiation is very large, the horizontal distance from the antenna is less than 30 meters, the height and antenna are appropriate, and there are windows or balconies in the main shooting direction of the antenna. At this time, the monitoring value outside the window or on the balcony is generally Not detected to 27mW/cm2, most of which is less than 10mW/cm2, the vast majority of indoor monitoring values ​​are not detected.

Third, regarding the horizontal distance of the antenna from the antenna is more than 30 meters, or the height is lower than the antenna, the monitoring value is generally not detected to 2mW/cm2, and the vast majority are not detected.

Secondly, regarding the radio and television transmission tower, its transmission power is relatively high, ranging from tens of kilowatts to thousands of kilowatts. However, due to the high orientation of the antenna frame, it is generally 2-3 hundred meters, and the electromagnetic wave attenuation is very fast. Therefore, the surrounding electromagnetic radiation pollution is also generally better. For example, the central TV tower, from the current monitoring situation, the electromagnetic field strength around the day and the working environment is in line with the legal limit of 40mW/cm2. We used to be in the distance from the center TV. The tower is very close to the high-rise residents of the park, and the large value outside the window does not exceed 10mW/cm2. The indoors are generally not detected.
Some of the serious pollution around the center is the medium wave broadcast tower, whose antenna height is generally lower than that of the TV tower, and the surrounding electromagnetic field intensity is slightly higher. The monitoring value of the electromagnetic radiation environment of the single high-rise roof channel closer to the tower is exceeded. The legal norm limit is 40V/m, and the environmental monitoring points of the floor with low floor or not directly facing the tower are in compliance with the specifications, and the indoor environmental monitoring value is generally not detected. Communication tower pollution is generally predicted before it is established, in order to prevent harm to residents.