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Various cooling towers operate

The cooling tower is a device that uses water as a circulating coolant to absorb heat from a system and discharge it into the atmosphere to lower the temperature of the water. The cold is used to communicate with water and air to communicate with the hot and cold. Take away the heat to the principle of evaporative heat dissipation, convection heat transfer and radiation heat transfer to dissipate the waste heat from the industrial or refrigeration air-conditioning to reduce the water temperature of the evaporative heat dissipation equipment to ensure the normal operation of the system, the equipment is generally barrel-shaped, It integrates a variety of disciplines such as aerodynamics, thermodynamics, fluidics, chemistry, biochemistry, materials science, static and dynamic structural mechanics, and processing skills. Water quality is a multivariate function, and cooling is a process of multi-element, multi-variable and multi-effect summarization. principle:

1. It is necessary to have a certain sufficient energy (20%-25%) in the cooling water system of the cooling tower. When running, these energy are collected at a certain valve, and the energy is lost in a flash. The external turbine is converted into high-efficiency mechanical energy by using these “rich energy”, and then it replaces the cooling tower fan motor to save electricity.

2. The key to how the external turbine can reach the motor drive power is to understand the abundant energy in the planning of the cooling tower circulating water system. At the same time, the turbine's impeller planning is also essential. The composition of the abundant energy is mainly composed of the following six parts:
1) The margin value that must be considered when planning the circulating water system;
2) potential energy use of the heat exchange equipment;
3) The turbine's own conditioning ability;
4) kinetic energy conversion power of the circulating water system;
5) The energy consumed by the valve when the valve is not in place.
6) The low flow rate is satisfied by the system after the merger and re-distribution method.

3. Cooling tower old tower energy-saving retrofit cooling tower and heat exchange equipment are driven by water pump, external turbine uses backwater pressure energy to convert and drive turbine to work as a fan, generally according to three cooling towers for energy-saving renovation, planning When the flow rate is too large, the actual consumption is about 60%. Considering the change in production demand, the energy-saving transformation method is: the two towers are driven by the turbine, and one tower is driven by the motor in the summer time.

4. The work of the new tower planning external turbine is focused on the return pressure or return flow to satisfy the turbine's ability to drive the fan, the law of conservation of energy - how much backwater flow or pressure conversion = how much fan speed. The speed of the external turbine is increased or decreased according to the increase or decrease of the system flow. The three external turbine cooling towers and the three towers of the turbine outlet pipe run through the bypass valve to adjust the flow and facilitate protection.