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Identify the quality of FRP products

1, the choice of materials
The raw materials used in FRP are resin, FRP fiber, and filler calcium powder are equipped in a ratio of 1:1:1. The high quality FRP is made of high quality resin: unsaturated ortho-phenyl resin 196, colorless and transparent. Low viscosity, low heat release, low shrinkage, high speed cure, high speed compatibility and gloss.

2, the comparison of products
The appearance of high-quality FRP products has no obvious cracks, fewer pores, bright and simple color, good transparency, certain resistance strength, good surface finish and long service life. The inferior FRP products have cracks and more pores. Color is not pure gloss. Its service life is also shorter.

3, practice is the correct standard time to check the truth is also a fair referee
FRP will also show his real strength in the practical application process. After a few years of high-quality FRP, the color is slightly dim, the whole board is intact, there is no obvious harm, and the inferior FRP can not be tested by practice. After a few years, there will be obvious hazards such as corrosion cracking stomata, the board is not so flat, the color degradation is severe, and the whole ages. Generally, FRP is used for 20 years, but after two years, the inferior FRP will appear all aging. The phenomenon, thus bringing huge losses to customers.
In addition to the above, the quality of FRP is different:
1. Standard standard tolerance (standard within the grid, external standard)
2, appearance (no shortcomings: exposed fiber, white, pit, cracking, uneven fiber)
3, Barker hardness
4, meeting load and uniform load
5, resin content
6, a very stupid way to distinguish the quality of FRP: put the FRP directly on the concrete floor or tile floor, you will hear the bright steel tone, the other are unqualified!