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Roof fan

Roof fan

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It adopts advanced CAD software and is designed with multi-objective optimization. DWT-I series machine number 12#-24# A total of eight types of fan, using the method of changing the speed, angle and blade type, expanding the range of performance parameters to meet the needs of different working conditions, to achieve the fan and system area To achieve energy saving and noise reduction. The operation is stable, the service life is long, the moment of inertia is small, the dynamic stability is high, the operation is stable, and the requirements of the modern standards of various performance indicators are higher than the fan industry standard, ensuring that the fan leads in the peer. The utility model has wide application range, and the fan can be made into an explosion-proof type according to the use requirements, and is suitable for forced exhausting in the occasions of flammable, explosive and corrosive gas; and has been tested by the provincial and municipal technical supervision bureaus for many times, and the user can use it with confidence. A class of coolers. The company also operates FRP winding pipes, communication towers, filler manufacturers, cool water tower manufacturers , to learn more about the US-Japan Weiye official website.