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Axial Fan

Axial Fan

Product Details

The axial flow fan is mainly composed of 1-wheel hub; 2-blade; 3-axis; 4-shell; 5-collector; 6-streamline body; 7-rectifier; 8-diffuser. And the air inlet and impeller composition. The air inlet is composed of a wind collector and a streamline body, and the impeller is composed of a hub 1 and a blade 2. The impeller is fixed to the shaft 3 to form a rotor of the ventilator which is supported on the bearing.
When the motor drives the fan impeller to rotate, there is a relative airflow through each of the blades.

The axial flow fan applies lift to the wing and supports the weight of the aircraft, while the axial fan fixes the position and moves the air. The airflow enters the axial flow fan by the current collector, and after the pre-rotation of the front guide vane, the energy is obtained in the impeller blade, and then the rear guide vane converts a part of the deflected gas flow energy into static pressure energy, and then the gas flows through the diffusion cylinder. The kinetic energy of a part of the axial airflow is converted into static pressure energy and then input into the pipeline, which is an air cooler .