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Diagonal flow fan

Diagonal flow fan

Product Details

The oblique flow fan mainly consists of an impeller, a casing, an inlet current collector, an outlet deflector, and a motor. The casing adopts a cylindrical shape and is connected into a whole by three-stage flanges. The outlet inlet is connected to the pipe network along the airflow, and the inlet air collector is made into a sword-receiving streamline shape. The whole structure consisting of sound-absorbing stencils is installed, and the outlet is equipped with a guide. Flowing the sheet, the outlet airflow has a good airflow distribution and stable pressure holding. The diagonal flow fan is compact, light in weight, low in cost, has the power of a centrifugal fan, takes up less space, and its shape is easy to design and install, and belongs to the scope of air cooler. The company is a professional air cooler manufacturer .


The diagonal flow fan can be used for general ventilation and ventilation. The conditions of use are as follows:

1. Application site: As a general ventilation of indoor plants and buildings, it can be used as both an input gas and an exhaust gas.

2. Type of gas to be transported: air and other unnatural, non-corrosive gases that are harmless to the human body.

3. Impurities in the gas: Do not allow viscous substances in the gas, and the dust and hard particles contained in the gas are not more than 150mg/m3.

4. According to the special needs of users, it is also possible to design a magneto-electric drive to realize the infinitely variable speed and variable air volume structure.

5. Gas temperature: no more than 80oC