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Fiberglass hood

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Spherical hood
According to meteorological data, the summer monsoon frequency in most parts of China is less than 20%, that is, about 70-80% of the time is natural wind. Effective use of these wind energy sources to ventilate factories and buildings is of great economic importance. According to the survey of most petrochemical, metallurgical, electric power and other factories, the indoor temperature in summer is 3-10 °C higher than the outdoor temperature. The formation of a large thermal pressure difference, the rational use of thermal pressure and natural ventilation, will save hundreds of millions of electrical energy per year. Roof ventilators are devices that use these two powers for natural ventilation.
Energy-saving: The ball-type hood is installed on the roof. With the special structure of its spherical body, it belongs to FRP products , and the indoor air is discharged outside by wind and heat. No electricity and other artificial energy. A 1000-inch hood is equivalent to a medium-sized roof ventilator, saving more than 4,000 degrees per year.
Efficient: The exhaust capacity was tested by the Peking University Environmental Science Center on a large-scale hood prototype computer. The results showed that the exhaust capacity (speed and exhaust air volume in the hood at different outdoor wind speeds) exceeded that of similar products at home and abroad. The horizontal wind is 30% higher than the tubular hood and 200-300% higher at 15-20° slanting wind, making it one of the most efficient roof ventilators in the world today.
Firm: The hood is made up of a combined structure and sub-assemblies, which are stacked and transported together for storage and installation on site. Made of fiberglass, it is strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant, and weighs only 1/3 of the tubular hood.
Beautiful: Spherical body shape, with the color tone coordinated with the building, enhance the beauty of the building, beautify the streetscape factory.
Safety: The hood structure is specially designed so that it does not fall wind, and rain and snow will not splash into the room. There will be no fire.
Convenience: The hood has six specifications of 400-?1200 for selection. The hood is fixed directly on the hood of the roof, without the need for lacing, no flooding and maintenance-free. Design, construction and use are very convenient.