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FRP grating

FRP grating

Product Details

FRP grating cover is resistant to acid and alkali, non-corrosive, fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, non-slip, easy to clean, etc.
Overhaul the aisle grid, dark groove FRP cover, large container support grille, washer grille, trash grille, flow trough grid, biochemical water treatment tank hanger, ventilation window, stair FRP grating, Console grill
Transportation: Routes, ship decks, walkways, minesweepers, stair rafts Beverage industry: stair rafts, replacement of precious stainless steel, loaded floor pulp and processing plants: stair rafts and slabs, floor walkways, high humidity local Electronics industry: trench cover, pickling workshop, anti-static (anti-static grille) and high-cleanness workshop meat processing factory: easy to corrode floor, stairs, slippery floor workbench and stair seesaw, etc. It belongs to FRP products .