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Square cross flow closed tower

Square cross flow closed tower

Product Details

◎ Parts introduction and features:

1. Foundation channel steel frame: tower body with grooved steel frame

·Strong structure and more uniform foundation;

·The shock absorber is not required to be added to the steel frame.

2. Floor-standing water tray: lower center of gravity and more stable operation.

3. Water pump: special water pump

· Large flow, small lift and small size;

·The installation volume is small, the weight is light, the pipeline is straight, and it can be conveniently installed in the middle of the pipeline.

4. Counterflow fully enclosed structure:

·The air inlet is equipped with a three-proof integrated (anti-splash, dustproof, direct sunlight) rectifier to effectively control the magnetic phenomenon of algae, and the spray water quality is more clean.

·The S-type water retainer is installed at the air outlet, the precision water and gas are separated, and the water loss is small.

5. Serpentine coil

According to different working conditions, different environmental conditions, different investment concepts, according to the actual situation of customers, objectively make a suitable choice of table cooler.

·Stainless steel (S): SUS304 stainless steel welded pipe, pressure resistant design 2.5Mpa, strong corrosion resistance.

·Steel tube (T): It adopts TP2Y type high quality copper tube, with pressure design of 1.6Mpa, good heat exchange effect, high residual value and high antifreeze requirement.

· Galvanized steel pipe (D): It is made of high-quality carbon steel pipe. After grading and overall three-time 2.5Mpa strong pressure test, the whole process is carried out in the high-temperature solvent tank to ensure the anti-corrosion performance of the steel pipe. The heat transfer effect and material cost are superior, but a strict circulatory system power scheme must be adopted to avoid air ingress.

6, heat sink:

· Made of high PVC.

·Using a unique wave design and processing method to prolong the water flow time, heat exchange efficiency, and provide a large water and gas heat exchange area. At the same time, it has better airflow, which makes the ventilation static pressure very small, which saves motor power.

· It is processed by advanced hot press forming method to ensure that the special shape of the heat sink material will never be deformed.

7, water distribution system

· Branches are divided into water, and the water is more evenly distributed.

·Fixed sprinkler head: Different types of sprinklers are used for different water volumes, which are more targeted and more reasonable in water distribution.

8. Motor: The fully enclosed outdoor type (TEFC) cooling tower special motor is built with IP55 protection, which is more resistant to moisture.

9. Optimized structural modeling, small size, low height, light weight, and good diversity of scenery and layout.

10. Advanced structural design, reasonable matching of steam and water, and sufficient heat exchange.

11. The tower body can be made of high-strength SUS304 stainless steel and FRP material, which is resistant to aging, corrosion, deformation and fading.

12. It adopts ultra-low noise fan and unique water-absorbing and noise-reducing technology, and double noise reduction, its noise index is at a high level in the same industry.

13. Compared with similar products, the energy saving of the motor is up to 30%. The tower is fully equipped. The pipelines in the tower are fully equipped and can be closed loop, which greatly reduces the user's operating expenses.

14. Adopt high-efficiency and low-resistance water collecting device, the water rinsing rate is less than 0.001%, and the environmental protection is effective.

15. The steel bracket is treated by hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion paint. The anti-corrosion is extremely strong and the service life is more than double that of similar products.

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