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Round counterflow cooling tower

Round counterflow cooling tower

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‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ 所有 All cooling this description are energy-saving, because the motor installation capacity is lower in similar cooling towers at home and abroad, and the water temperature drop of low-noise and ultra-low noise cooling towers is generally 3 -8 ° C, suitable for cooling of general water temperature drop such as air conditioning and refrigeration.

‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ Industrial type medium-high temperature cooling tower, the water temperature drop is generally 10 ~ 25 ° C, this type increases the tower body diameter, air volume, wind pressure, power, packing height and other measures, it is suitable for higher temperature drop The cooling of industrial water, the thermal performance of the industrial tower designed this time is surplus, please do not leave any room when selecting, the meaning of the code is as follows:

‍ ‍ DBNL3-100 type; D-low noise; B-glass reinforced plastic; N-counterflow type; L-cooling tower; 3-third modification design; 100-standard working condition nominal flow rate 100m3/h; GBNL3- Type 100; G-industrial type, high temperature drop; DBNL3J-100 type; J- is water collection type. (The water tray of the water collecting type cooling tower is 300~400mm higher than the water tray of the general type).

第四 第四 The Fourth Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry began to work on the research and promotion of cooling towers in 1971. The results of the research have won the ministerial and provincial and municipal achievements awards and major scientific research awards.

‍ ‍ Energy-saving low-noise, industrial cooling tower is based on the 76 years of BNL series, 80 years of BNL2 series design and operation experience, absorbing the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad, by the Fourth Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry Designed in conjunction with Tsinghua University, select and use

‍ ‍ When selecting, you need to know the water quantity Q, the inlet water temperature t1, the outlet water temperature t2 and the designed wet bulb temperature t. Determine the model according to the thermal performance curve. If the curve is exceeded, the requirements can be submitted to the fourth hospital.

of the cold resistance of the material, it can be applied to areas with a temperature of -50 ° C, but in areas with a cold monthly average of less than -10 ° C, anti-icing measures should be requested when ordering, and water drainage can be provided before leaving the factory. The ring keeps the water from flowing onto the blinds.

‍ 循环 Circulating water turbidity is not more than 50 mg / liter, not more than 100 mg / liter in the short term, should not contain oil and mechanical impurities, if necessary, take algae and water quality stability measures.

‍ ‍ The basic drawing is for reference during installation. The direction of the inlet and outlet pipes of the large tower is shown in the figure. The water tower can be arbitrarily set in the horizontal position, but it should not touch the foundation. If there is a foundation in the middle, the load should be 25% of the running weight. The remaining 75% is borne by the average rectangular base, such as the additional pressure caused by wind loads on the roof.

‍ 冷却 For cooling towers smaller than 125, the connection between the inlet and outlet pipes connected to the outside and the cooling tower should be provided with a support to prevent excessive weight from pressing on the tower wall.

water pipe is opened according to the nominal flow. If the actual water volume differs from the nominal flow rate by more than ±15%, the ordering indicates that the size of the opening is changed by the manufacturer. The water pressure of the inlet pipe of the tower is about 2 meters to 5 meters. Do not over-stress when the pressure is too high.

‍ ‍ This product is suitable for water temperature not exceeding 60 °C, such as more than 60 °C, the order must be stated, the company can meet the requirements.

‍ ‍ For cooling towers of type 150 and above, the fan blade angle can be adjusted, but the angle of each blade should be consistent and the current should not exceed the rated current of the motor. Each type of fan can be reversed for a short period of time to eliminate ice. Therefore, in areas with severe icing, a reversible magnetic starter should be provided, and the button should be installed near the cooling tower.

‍ 一定 When starting the cooling tower, you must first open the pump and then open the fan. It is not allowed to operate the fan without watering. Therefore, the water pipe is provided with a sloping water receiving plate. If the fan is turned on without water spraying, the water splicer is reversed, the water collecting plate will scrape the packing, the packing is scraped out and taken away by the wind, or the water pipe card is taken. Bad, therefore, when starting the cooling tower, you must first open the pump, then open the fan, stop the work, you should first stop the fan, then stop the pump.

‍ ‍ When the user needs to directly absorb water in the tower of the cooling tower, it is necessary to install “automatic water supply pipe”, “rapid water supply pipe” and “sewage pipe”, which must be specially mentioned when ordering, and the price list does not include this part of the price.

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Our company is a professional manufacturer of FRP cooling towers. In addition to producing counter-flow cooling towers, it also produces cross-flow cooling towers. At the same time, it supplies filler sheets and FRP tanks and pipes. Our company also supplies water quality stable. device.

For the design of cooling water circulation system, cooling tower selection and old tower renovation, special new towers are required. Our company can directly arrange technicians to on-site survey, design and selection.

The company implements three guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction.

1. The noise is the measured value of the standard point Dm, that is, far from the shielded cooling tower and 1.5 meters away from the foundation.
2. The standard design conditions of this series are wet bulb temperature τ=28°C, inlet water temperature t1=37°C, outlet water temperature t2=32°C, ie water temperature drop Δt=5°C, approximation degree t2-τ=4°C.
3. In this table, when τ=28°C, Δt=5°C and 8°C, t2=32°C and τ=27°C, Δt=5°C and 8°C, t2=32°C cooling water is available for selection. For reference, please check the thermal performance curve for the cooling water quantity of other parameters.
4. The water inlet pressure refers to the water pressure at the point of the pipe at 1kgf/cm2 = 9.8×104Pa, so the water pressure of this series is between 0.2 and 0.49kgf/cm2.

  1. When using a planetary gear reducer, the standard point is <72db(a), and="" the="" standard="" point="" noise="" value="" when="" using="" a="" power="" belt="" reducer="" is="" the="" same="" as="" that="" of="" an="" equal-diameter="" low-noise="" cooling="">

  2. 2. The wet bulb temperature τ=28°C and τ=27°C listed in the above table are as follows:
    When the water temperature drops Δt=10°C, the inlet water temperature is t1=43°C, and the outlet water temperature is t2=33°C. When the water temperature drops Δt=20°C and 25°C, the inlet water temperature t1 is 55°C and 60°C, respectively. Temperature t2 = 35 °C.

  3. 3. Inlet water pressure refers to the water pressure at the point of the pipe at 1kgf/cm2 = 9.8×104Pa, so the water pressure of this series tower is between 0.3 and 0.5kgf/cm2.