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Circular cooling tower

Circular cooling tower

Product Details

FRP, fan, motor, water distribution system, inclined ladder wave filler. Cooling tower technical parameters

1. The noise is the standard measured value, which is far from the diameter of the tower wall and 1.5 meters above the foundation;

2, the standard design conditions are wet bulb 28 ° C, the inlet water temperature 37 ° C effluent 32 ° C, that is, the water temperature drop 5 ° C, the approximation 4 ° C;

3. Inlet pressure refers to the water pressure at the point of the connection, 1Kgf/cm2=9.8×104Pa, so the water pressure of this series tower is between 0.2~0.49Kgf/cm2.


1. It is reliable, durable and easy to assemble.

2, the water collection bucket has a large capacity, and is equipped with manual, automatic water supply device and sewage and overflow pipe, no need to design a pool;

3. Low cost, light weight, small wind resistance and good stability;

4. The tower body has good stability and strength, and can withstand earthquake cracking level 8 and level 12 typhoon attack.