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Non-filled spray cooling tower

Non-filled spray cooling tower

Product Details

The non-filled spray cooling tower is a new type of cooling tower. Compared with the traditional cooling tower, the filler is removed. The high-efficiency low-pressure centrifugal atomizing device is used to spray water into tiny droplets, which increases the heat transfer area and improves cooling. The effect is reduced operating and maintenance costs.

QWNL non-filler spray cooling tower adopts high-efficiency low-pressure centrifugal atomization device (head pressure: 0.035MPa) as the cooling element. [The traditional packing tower packing and water distribution device is used, which makes the whole tower almost become an empty tower, and the structure is greatly simplified.

After the QWNL non-filler spray cooling tower cancels the packing and water distribution device, the atomizing device is installed above the air inlet duct, and the water is sprayed in the same direction as the cold air sucked by the axial fan, and the water has two processes of rising and falling. Cooling also has two processes of downstream cooling and countercurrent cooling.

The QWNL tower is cancelled due to the packing, so that the tower body load is greatly reduced, no need to support more beam plates, the civil structure is simplified, and the civil construction investment is saved.


1. The resistance is small, the cooling temperature difference is large, and the approaching degree is small:

Because the cooling element of the QWNL tower (high-efficiency low-pressure centrifugal atomization device) sprays water into 0.5mm tiny droplets, its specific surface area is much larger than the specific surface area where water is dispersed into a film by the filler, and the gas-water heat transfer surface area is large, and the water is distributed. Uniform, avoiding the dead zone and channel flow caused by aging deformation and clogging of the filler, resulting in uneven temperature distribution at the cooling point, and the cooling effect is obviously better than the packed tower.

2. Low operating costs and significant energy saving effects:

The working pressure of the low-pressure atomizing device is only 0.035MPa, which is 0.17MPa lower than the working pressure of the water-pressure self-rotating atomizing device of 0.2MPa, and the power of the supporting pump is greatly reduced. The resistance of the WGFB tower system is about 1/2 of the packed tower. When the cooling water volume and the fan are the same, the supporting motor power is reduced to 60% of the packed tower, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. In addition, the cost of cleaning and replacing the packing and the cloth nozzle is eliminated, and the operating cost is eliminated. Greatly reduced.

3. Since the QWNL tower has cancelled the packing, the system resistance of the tower has dropped to 1/2 of the original. Under the same condition of the fan, the wind turbine characteristic curve shows that the air volume has increased to 1.2 times. The gas-water ratio is also increased by 1.2 times, so the cooling temperature difference is 2 °C larger than that of the packed tower.

4, QWNL tower spray mist particles are uniform, no blockage, no maintenance, stable and reliable operation:

5. The QWNL tower overcomes a series of phenomena affecting the performance of the tower and process system equipment, such as aging of the packed tower packing, deformation and embrittlement, blockage and flushing of the water jet nozzle, blockage of the filler chip, pump and heat exchanger. Its life span is longer than that of the packed tower.