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Square counterflow cooling tower

Square counterflow cooling tower

Product Details

High thermal performance Select patented water-filled packing, large-diameter fan, new ABS multi-layer flow nozzle, streamlined air cylinder, low-resistance water collector to ensure efficient heat transfer performance of DFN cooling tower. Low operating cost, energy-saving large-diameter fan, large air volume, low power, low energy consumption, effectively save operating costs for users; can choose multi-speed motor according to user requirements, can adjust air volume according to changes in ambient temperature, further reduce operating costs .

The environmentally friendly low-noise low-speed fan, high water-inducing silencer pad, and streamlined water collector effectively control the environmental impact of the DFN cooling tower.

Beautiful and durable, the tower is beautiful in appearance and perfectly integrated with the building; the surface layer is made of imported colored gel coat, which contains UV absorber, which is as clean as a mirror, anti-aging and difficult to fade. The color of the tower can be selected according to user requirements.

The maintenance panel is uniquely suspended and has no bolt connection for easy maintenance.

It takes less than a day for the DFN-200 cooling tower to replace the packing.

There are a variety of standard, temperature-controlled, ultra-low noise, anti-freeze, industrial cooling towers to choose from, to adapt to different use requirements.