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Large steel frame counterflow cooling tower

Large steel frame counterflow cooling tower

Product Details

1. The water fills in the tower, the water is from top to bottom, the air is from bottom to top, and the two flow to the opposite cooling tower.
2, Countercurrent cooling tower has good thermal performance, divided into three cooling sections:
1 The space between the water distributor and the top of the packing, the water temperature in this section is higher, so the heat can still be transferred to the air.
2 Packing water and air heat exchange section.
3 Cooling tower packing to the cistern space shower section, where water is cooled in this section is called “tail effect”. In northern China, the water temperature can drop by 1-2 °C. In summary, the counterflow tower is about 20% smaller than the crossflow tower under the same conditions, and the heat exchange process of the counterflow tower is more reasonable and cold.
3, the water distribution system is not easy to block, the water spray filler is kept clean and not easy to aging, the moisture return is small, and the anti-freezing method is simpler. Multiple units can be combined to plan, and in winter, the required amount of water and temperature can be swallowed up to work alone or all of the fans can be stopped.
4, construction equipment maintenance is simple, low cost, commonly used in large and harmonious industrial, medium-sized cooling circulating water.

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