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FRP crafts

FRP crafts

Product Details

First, the sample production: use foam to make a 1:10 sample, (not color) photos to communicate with Party A, if you arrive at Party A to meet, enter the expansion phase, expand to 1:1, bubble draft. Once again, I will communicate with Party A's photo. After I arrive at Party A, I will carry out the plaster mold.

Second, the gypsum mold remanufacturing: the foam manuscript, after the side of the party, the piece is cast into a gypsum mold, and the mold is trimmed, polished, and dried. Then enter the FRP remanufacturing work.

Third, FRP remanufacturing.

Gypsum mold trimming, after the end of the dry end, confessed to no structural faults, FRP anti-manufacturing.

(1) Mold release treatment, and the release wax was applied 1-3 times.

(2) 196# resin primer layer coating, resin 2 layer coating.

(3) 3-4 layers of gold pot glass fiber paste.

(4) After the resin is completely cured, the internal steel frame is pre-buried (4×8 square steel, 4×4 angle iron 3×3 angle iron mixed to establish the steel skeleton, and the 4×8 square steel main skeleton angle iron is assisted.)

The steel frame is built to complete the anti-corrosion treatment of the steel frame and the special anti-corrosion paint for the car.

Fourth, the mold

After closing the mold, after the above operation is completed, the part is clamped. And remove the mold. The marginal residual information is picked up. Assemble components.

At this point, the FRP sculpture is basically completed, and then it is post-processing.

Post-processing includes: polishing the wax at the beginning of the list, and performing large-scale correction and polishing after de-waxing.

At the beginning of the list, the pits were repaired.

Polish the putty repair part again.

The second putty repair, all the special ash for the car.

The third time to polish. After the polishing is finished, spray the special primer for the car.

Perform the putty repair and polish again.

The second time, the primer was sprayed, and after no problem, the 1K white quality car primer was sprayed. After the primer is monotonously condensed, the middle layer paint is sprayed, and the special paint for the car is selected. (Colorful paint) After the monotonous paint is monotonous, take a special varnish for the car (light oil exposed face, or matt varnish to light) to take a photo again, and send it to Party A for confession, if there is no correction.

Cut the loading and delivery. There are technicians on-site assistance equipment.

It is impossible to follow the process of FRP sculpture - post-processing, the demand is constantly polished, repaired, painted, and the process is cut. It is necessary to have a very good patience and seek a perfect attitude to customize the perfect product.

The custom-made sculpture of FRP products is so popular because of its fine manufacturing, excellent quality and exquisite appearance. Here Xiaobian made a small advertisement, Shenzhen Oudi Yafan Furniture Jewelry Co., Ltd. hired professional planners at home and abroad to plan products for us, in good faith and good quality.