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Absorption tower

Absorption tower

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The absorption tower is a kind of environmental protection purification equipment . The exhaust gas absorption tower has the characteristics of simple structure, low energy consumption, high purification efficiency and wide application scale. The exhaust gas absorption tower can remove hydrogen chloride gas (HCl), hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), ammonia. Water-soluble gas such as gas (NH3), sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4), chromic acid mist (CrO3), and hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN), the purified acid mist exhaust gas reaches the legal discharge standard. Second, the operating principle exhaust gas absorption tower acid gas from the bottom of the tower body tangentially into the exhaust gas absorption tower, under the power effect of the fan, sensitively fill the air inlet section space, and then evenly through the current sharing section rose to the top Grade packing absorption section.
On the surface of the filler, the acidic substance in the gas phase chemically reacts with the alkaline substance in the liquid phase, and the reaction-generating substance (mostly a soluble acid) flows into the lower storage tank with the absorption liquid. The acid gas that is not fully absorbed continues to rise into the top spray stage. In the spray section, the absorbing liquid is ejected from the uniform ST-6 nozzle at a high speed to form a plurality of fine mist droplets, which are intimately mixed with the gas to continue the chemical reaction, and then the acid gas rises to the secondary packing section and the spray section. A similar absorption process as the top level. The second level is different from the top ST-6 nozzle density, the spray pressure is different, and the concentration of the absorbed acid gas is also different. The process of contact between the spray section and the packing section is also a process of heat transfer and mass transfer. The process is adequate and stable by controlling the empty tower flow rate and residence time. The top of the tower body is the defogging section, and the absorbing liquid mist trapped in the gas is removed here, and the treated clean air is discharged into the atmosphere from the exhaust pipe at the upper end of the exhaust gas absorption tower.