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Fire water tank, water tank

Fire water tank, water tank

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According to the material, the water tank is divided into six types: glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, stainless steel water tank, stainless steel inner glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, sea water glass steel water tank, enamel water tank and galvanized steel water tank. The water tank is generally equipped with HYFI remote liquid level electric valve, water level monitoring system and automatic cleaning system, and self-cleaning sterilizer. The overflow pipe of the water tank is connected with the drain valve of the water tank and is equipped with an insect net. The water tank should have two different heights. a snorkel (with insect net), the water tank is equipped with internal and external ladders; the water tank generally has inlet pipes, outlet pipes (life outlet pipes, fire outlet pipes), overflow pipes, drain pipes, and water tanks are divided into living water tanks and fire water tanks according to their functions. There are five kinds of water tanks, human waterproof boxes and household water towers. In the strict sense, toilet flushing water tanks and automobile water tanks are not water tanks. The company's current main products are: ‍ ‍ environmental desulfurization equipment, ‍ ‍ environmental purification equipment, environmentally friendly washing equipment, FRP winding pipes , FRP products, etc., welcome to purchase.