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SMC FRP water tank

SMC FRP water tank

Product Details

product description

The SMC combined FRP water tank in the water storage equipment is assembled by SMC molded veneer, sealing material, metal fastener and piping system. 1-3000 tons of water tanks can be assembled according to user needs. It has the advantages of no leakage, light weight, good water quality, beautiful appearance, long service life and convenient installation, and meets the legal standards for drinking water. If the original water tank needs to be renewed, it is not necessary to rebuild the house. It can be assembled by the door entering the molded veneer. It is very practical and brings great convenience to the design and construction department. The SMC combined water tank has also been approved by the user.

●The water tank plate is mainly made of FRP molded resin, chopped fiber and various additives, and then made into SMC sheet, and then pressed in a press through a certain temperature and pressure. (Resin, low shrinkage, filler, thickener, curing agent, titanium dioxide, zinc stearate, fiber yarn).

●The outer steel angle steel frame of glass steel plate is assembled. The angle steel frame is treated with galvanizing and anti-corrosion spraying, which can prevent rust and corrosion and prolong the service life of the water tank.

●With water, water, overflow, drainage, hole, ladder and other devices, it is an ideal product for modern building and old water tank renovation.

Range of action

Mainly used for domestic water, fire water, soft water tank, generally designed according to hydrostatic pressure, no other pressure is allowed to act inside the water tank (if it should be proposed in advance), generally the water temperature is below 50 degrees, the user stores hot water or Other liquids (chemicals, oils) should be raised in advance and avoid heating inside the tank (steam heating is strictly prohibited). During the use of the user, it is necessary to periodically check whether the parts of the water tank fitting are loose, corrosion and the overall deformation of the water tank.

Installation and commissioning

The installation of the water tank is convenient. Firstly, check whether the concrete foundation surface of the water tank is flat. Then, according to the size of the water tank bottom plate, the cut channel steel is welded and combined, and then the water tank plate is assembled. The water tank plate and the water tank plate are bolted together, and the middle clamp sealing strip. First assemble the bottom plate to the channel base, then connect the side combination to the bottom. After the connection is completed, the installation of the lacing is started. First, the rib plate is installed at the cross joint of the four side plates, the holes are drilled at the corners of the four plates, and the four pairs of wires are passed through the inner and outer rib plates. The four plates are clamped, and the rubber gasket is sealed between the screw and the plate. The two ends of the ribbed thread are threaded through the middle hole of the rib plate, and the two inner rib plates are tightened with a nut. The plugging original is specially designed for the SMC combined water tank. It is used for the diamond-shaped hole in the joint of the four plates of the bottom plate and the lower side plate and the diamond-shaped cavity seal at the middle joint of the four corners of the side plate. It is worn from the inside to the outside and fastened outside. Flange installation: According to the development drawing or site requirements, according to the shape of the board and the inclination of the front panel of the flange, draw the position of the connecting hole and drill the hole, then screw the rubber plate tightly. Solid, the screw should be sealed. Glass glue is mainly used for installation of plugging, when installing studs and flange screws and at the corners of the bottom plate. After the water tank is formed, it is confirmed that the assembled cover plate is lifted up and connected to the beveled edges of the surrounding sides. The inside ladder can be placed in the water tank from the inspection hole. The outer ladder is fixed to the flange edge of the water tank plate by a ladder clamp. After the water tank is installed for 24 hours, the glass glue has solidified, and the pipeline can be tested for water without leakage.

SMC molded veneer specifications, performance, and implementation standards

The SMC molded veneer has three specifications: 1000mm × 1000mm, 1000mm × 500mm, 500mm × 500mm, and the flange size of the SMC molded veneer is 50mm × 10mm.

The thickness of the SMC molded veneer can be compressed into 5mm to 20mm according to the capacity of the water tank, and the veneer of 5mm thickness can be used as the water tank cover, so that it can be assembled into the water tank of the required volume.


Implementation of the standards to implement the People's Republic of China building materials industry standard JC658.1-1997.


☆Users should store hot water or other liquids (chemicals, oils, etc.) at the time of ordering and avoid heating inside the tank (steam heating is strictly prohibited).

☆ During the use of the user, it is necessary to regularly check whether the steel fittings of the water tank are loose, corroded and the overall deformation of the water tank.

☆ In order to facilitate installation and maintenance, there should be a certain space around the water tank, the top is ≥300mm, and the surrounding is ≥700mm.

☆SMC tank wall thickness is configured from hydrostatic pressure. No other pressure is allowed inside the tank (if you should inform the company in advance).