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FRP FRP integral water tank

FRP FRP integral water tank

Product Details

1. FRP integrated water tank has the advantages of no leakage, no deformation, no pollution, long service life of acid and alkali, beautiful appearance, and can be made into water tanks of different sizes and tonnage according to user needs, belonging to the category of water storage equipment .

2. The glass steel plate is assembled with the outer angle steel frame. The angle steel frame is welded into one body. After polishing, grinding and spraying anti-corrosion paint, it can prevent rust, corrosion and extend the service life of the water tank.

3, glass steel plate according to the user's ordering needs, can use anti-corrosion performance of strong 196# unsaturated polyester resin, 3301 resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, etc., add anti-aging agent and platinum fiberglass cloth, according to a certain ratio Paste-made, with a certain strength and toughness.

4. The water tank is equipped with water, water, overflow, drainage, holes, ladders, etc. It is an ideal product for modern building and old water tank renovation.

5. It is necessary to provide drawings and nozzle position and pipe diameter when ordering.

Introduction of various resin and glass steel properties

Epoxy resin

Epoxy FRP is a commonly used FRP with a light yellow translucent body. It has good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength and strong adhesion, and has certain electrical insulation and alkali resistance. It has many types. Commonly used models are 6101#, 634#, 637#, 618. #Wait.

2. Unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced plastic

Polyester FRP is also a kind of commonly used FRP. Its color is light yellow translucent body. It has certain corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength and strong bonding force, and has certain low-voltage electrical insulation properties. In addition, the polyester glass fiber reinforced plastic has no volatiles overflowing during the process, and can be formed at normal temperature and pressure, and has the characteristics of quick curing and convenient construction. Its raw material polyester resin is light yellow transparent body, and it has many types. Commonly used models 306#, 307#, 196#, 198#, 199#, 7541#, 3301#, etc. have different corrosion resistance and resistance. Warm ability.

3. Phenolic resin glass steel

Phenolic resin FRP is also a kind of common FRP. Its color is dark brown, it has high corrosion resistance, but its mechanical properties are poor. It is suitable for lining in metal, cement, wood, stone trough and other containers.

4. Furan resin glass steel

Furan resin glass reinforced plastic is black in color. Although it has poor mechanical properties, it has outstanding corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high heat resistance, and is superior to other resins such as phenolic. Metal, cement, wood, stone troughs and other containers are lined.

The raw material of the furan resin is decyl alcohol, furfural, anthrone, anthrone and the like.