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Galvanized steel water tank

Galvanized steel water tank

Product Details

The galvanized steel water tank is a new type of water storage equipment assembled by electrostatic spraying process and after several strict spraying production process procedures. The sprayed layer has high mechanical impact resistance and has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, no leakage, no leakage, no corrosion, no deformation, and clean and hygienic water quality. It is an ideal water tank for storing drinking water such as hot and cold water.

The assembled galvanized steel water tank adopts Q235 steel plate and is stamped to form standard blocks of 1000mm×1000mm, 1000mm×500mm and 500mm×500mm. The surrounding holes are drilled, hot-dip galvanized, assembled on site, and sealed with silica gel between standard blocks during assembly. Bolted.

Scope of application:

The product is suitable for storage of building water supply, regulation of water tanks, fire water tanks, expansion of heating systems, condensate tanks, and temporary storage tanks for building construction, geological survey, industry, national defense projects, etc.


☆The diameter and position of the inlet pipe, outlet pipe and overflow pipe of the water tank are determined by design;

☆ There should be no less than 700mm passage around the water tank, the bottom of the tank should be no less than 600mm, and the top of the box should be no less than 800mm.

☆The connection gap between the bottom of the box and the standard speed of the bottom of the box should be seated on the support.

☆ It is necessary to provide drawings and nozzle position and pipe diameter when ordering.

☆Before construction, please install the stays according to the basic requirements, provide construction power and check the sealing water;

☆ Avoid using fire next to the water tank. Take protective measures when welding. Do not let Mars splash the water tank board;

☆ Prevent pollutants from flowing in or immersed in the water tank, convenient and safe for maintenance inspection, in the water tank

There must be some space around it;

☆ Clean the inside and outside of the water tank, please scrub with a soft utensil. Do not store water for a long time. Please drain the water before use and clean it before use.

Water test:

After the water tank is assembled, close the outlet pipe and the drain pipe, open the inlet pipe, and check it after releasing the water. When it is full, it will pass the water for 2-3 hours.