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FRP water tank

FRP water tank

Product Details

Light weight: FRP has a density of 1.5-1.9/cm3, which is 1/4 of steel, but its strength is high, so it is much stronger than general water storage equipment .
High strength: Through the strength calculation or finite element analysis, the resin and fiber type of the structural layer are changed, and the layering method is adjusted to meet the strength requirements under the corresponding temperature and pressure.
Corrosion resistance: By using different kinds of resins, it can withstand various acids, alkalis, salts and a variety of oils and solvents. It can be widely applied to all aspects of chemical corrosion protection, and can replace stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and other materials.
Smooth inner wall: low roughness coefficient, good hygienic performance, clean and easy to clean, anti-microbial corrosion; if food grade resin is used as the matrix, it is non-toxic and tasteless, which can ensure the hygiene requirements of the product.
Good low temperature resistance: It can be used at temperatures below minus 80 °C, suitable for cold regions.
The thermal expansion coefficient is 2×0-5°C, and the thermal conductivity is 0.2kcal.m/m2.h.°C, and the heat insulation performance is good.
It is easy to form and easy to maintain; it is especially suitable for equipment with complicated structure, and large containers can be wound on the whole.
Level gauges, ladders, guardrails, platforms, etc. can be configured as required.