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Inorganic ventilation duct

Inorganic ventilation duct

Product Details

Modified and non-combustible bad inorganic FRP ventilation ducts are made of inorganic materials, cementitious materials and hydrophobic materials, with glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material, with toughening agent, reinforcing agent and water repellent, through strict modulation. The process, processing process and curing process form a crystalline framework skeleton and a pore structure hardened body. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, non-toxicity, no pollution, vibration reduction, heat insulation, heat resistance, non-flammability, no deformation, no crack, no moisture absorption, no halogenation, good volume stability, etc. long lasting. Thereby solving the problem that the plexiglass steel duct is easy to burn, the iron duct is easy to corrode, the noise is large, and the service life is short. Moreover, the price of the product is lower than the price of the plexiglass duct. It is an ideal equipment for central air conditioning. Therefore, its application in various fields of the national economy has considerable development potential and market competitiveness, and the market is gradually expanding. It is an ideal product for indoor ventilation of large buildings. It is widely used in ventilation and air conditioning projects in metallurgy, mining, textile, tobacco, military, hotels, shopping malls, theaters, civil air defense projects, underground parking lots and high-rise buildings. It can also be used to make chimneys for flue gas and toxic gases in the chemical industry and other industries, storage tanks for various oils and chemical liquids, and water pipes for construction projects. Product performance: good water resistance, no moisture absorption, no halogen, low noise, good waterproof performance, long service life, low air leakage, superior process performance, good corrosion resistance, good thermal insulation effect, belonging to environmental protection purification equipment Auxiliary equipment.