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Green facilities

Green facilities

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Environmentally friendly equipment refers to mechanical products, structures and systems that are manufactured and constructed by production units or building installation units to control environmental pollution and improve environmental quality. Some people think that environmental protection equipment refers to mechanical processing products that control environmental pollution, such as dust collectors, welding smoke purifiers, single water treatment equipment, noise controllers, etc. This understanding is not comprehensive. Environmental protection equipment shall also include power equipment for transporting pollutant-containing fluid substances, such as pumps, fans, conveyors, etc.; and also include monitoring and control instrumentation instruments that ensure the normal operation of pollution prevention facilities, such as testing instruments, pressure gauges, flow monitoring devices, etc. . Environmental governance is an urgent task, and we should pay more attention to environmental protection. Environmental protection equipment should include complete sets of equipment: such as air purifiers, sewage treatment equipment, ozone generators, industrial oxygen generators, etc. Equipment that can be used to manage the environment in industry or at home. The company's current main products are: environmental purification equipment, environmentally friendly washing equipment, environmental desulfurization equipment , glass fiber reinforced winding pipe, glass steel products and other products, welcome to come to purchase.